Property investment sales in Singapore dropped 15 percent

Property investment sales in Singapore dropped 15 percent year-on-year to $16 billion in 2015, the best sales volume in six years, based on a DTZ Research report.

The report said the fall in investment sales was mainly as a result of mismatch of cost expectancies between buyers and sellers, as well as the slow down in starts of new websites from the Government Land Sales (GLS) programme.

As local investors seek to diversify their portfolio by growing their asset pool abroad sales were also impacted by the uncertainty in global markets.

However, there was much interest for Singaporean properties in 2015 given the good government and dynamic economic environment in the state, said DTZ.

The developers intend to construct a mixed development which will have gross floor area of office space, 43,740 sqm 91,340 sqm of retail space and 429 flats.

The selling of a property tract at Dundee Road in Queenstown was the priciest residential website via the GLS programme, bringing in the maximum cost of $483 million. The breakeven cost for the planned development is likely to be at least , noted psf $1,240 DTZ.

The consultancy included that investors will willingly bid for leasehold projects which are priced fairly and have redevelopment potential.

For example, The Brink, which was sold for $317 million in Q4 2015, could be redeveloped into a mixed-use development.

Going DTZ anticipates the property investment market in Singapore to present investors with opportunities that are fascinating.

“2016 is anticipated to be a difficult year for the commodities and stock market, so real estate will end up an attractive asset class for investors.

Check out the upcoming new sales condo at Queen’s Road, The Asana

The best way to Handle Your Finances While Taking Care of Your Own Elderly Parents in Singapore

Based on a recent report, a whopping 86% of older Singaporeans declared they could rely for financial support on their adult children.

Having to financially support your elderly parents can appear to be a significant weight, when you can just cough up the money to maintain your flat from being repossessed. Here are a couple of suggestions to lower prices while still keeping mum and dad happy.

Ensure your parents have medical insurance that is sufficient

It is medical bills should any serious health problems happen. Breathe a sigh of relief, in case your parents continue to be in good health, and then instantly begin trying to find great medical insurance polices for them.

Remember, it is a state where some people who have kidney failure decide to perish because their families or they can not afford treatment. You truly need to leave no stone unturned in regards to shielding your family’s funds from being enfeebled by illnesses that are sudden, particularly when you’ve got aged dependents.

Even in case your parents have some type of health insurance, ascertain if they want additional coverage and you would like to review it when they are in their silver years. You may additionally wish to contemplate silvercare insurance, which likewise insures the expense of rehabilitation and caregiving.

MoneySmart’s medical insurance wizard lets you compare costs instantly, when shopping around for coverages for mum and dad, so give it a shot to 183 Long Haus

Ensure your parents go for routine medical checkups

A recent news report disclosed that while more Singaporeans are getting cancer, more are living–largely because of earlier discovery. However, cancer discovery is late in comparison with other developed nations.

If you are fiscally supporting your parents, it is your duty to ensure they go for all health screenings that are recommended. Sadly, the responsibility to assess for subsidies also drops to you personally.

In case your mom is over 50 she loves the subsidised cost of $50 ($75 for PRs) mammograms for discovery of breast cancer, which may be paid through her or a household member’s MediSave account.

Well, the tables have turned, and at this point you get to have some command above your parents’ time that was free if you are their only source of income.

We are not suggesting you begin prying in their private matters in a weird action of reverse-chopper parenting when there isn’t any fiscal impact to you personally. But if one borrows cash from loansharks of your parents has a gambling problem or spends more of your cash than you are able to give, you may have to intercede.

You can express your concerns if they are doing things which you only can not manage to support fiscally by speaking to your parents about how they spend their spare time.

Remember your parents might not wish to reveal just what they do when they are not at home, nor do you’ve got the right to compel them to. I am quite certain where they’re the kids of the uncles who hang out all night in the Joo Chiat pubs do not understand. Nevertheless, you do possess the right to determine how much allowance you give them.

In a best case scenario, you may be able work jointly with them to attempt to cut prices after which to learn what your parents do in their spare time.

Similarly, in the event that you find your father is constantly sneaking off together with the other aunties and uncles to the Resorts World casino, learn why– in which case including him more often in family actions might help control the habit, he could only be bored.

The Poiz Residences

SINGAPORE: Mall and an upcoming condominium in Potong Pasir have had their projected names changed to The Poiz Residences and The Poiz Centre from The Andrew Village and The Andrew Residences, following the initial names raised the ire of some members of St Andrew’s alumni.

Several St Andrew’s alumni members have written in to developers the authorities and MCC Land, saying that giving a commercial project a name that was similar took away from the schools’ history and may cause confusion among members of the general public.

“As a socially responsible developer, we take such community sentiments seriously as our development vision would be to bring about a positive transformation to Potong Pasir at large,” said a spokesman for MCC Land on Tuesday (Nov 3).

Building Names Board and the Street told Channel NewsAsia earlier that it was not unaware of the feedback on the project and is looking into the situation.

St Andrew’s Village is the official compound of all three St Andrew’s schools. It was started in 2006 and additionally houses the Anglican Diocesan Office, a kindergarten and three church buildings.

The new condominium and mall is situated nearby, incorporated with Potong Pasir MRT Station – which was a key reason behind the brand new choice of names.

“The mixed-use development including The Poiz Residences and The Poiz Centre is poised to be the central landmark of Potong Pasir with its exceptional architectural design and seamless integration with the Potong Pasir MRT Station.”

The spokesman added: “The name Poiz has a similar ring to ‘poise’, which implies elegance, balance and presence.”
The MCC Land project is anticipated to be finished in 2019 and sales are expected to start in the end of the year.

Sells more than 50% of Cambodian project – The Peak

Homegrown property developer Oxley Holdings has announced that stage one of The Peak, its second development in Phnom Penh constituting 507 residential units in Tower 1, is through 50 percent sold.

The residential towers provide a variety of units from studio apartments to one- two- and three-bedroom units and penthouses, with sizes between 1,970 sq ft. and 463 sq ft

The mega project faces the Mekong River and is within closeness to Aeon Mall and Naga World Resort.

The developer has ensured a 12 percent net rental yield over two years for buyers of The Peak, subject to states.

We’re convinced that The Peak will continue to be an option house in Phnom Penh, particularly when the development shares the same address with a Shangri-La Hotel.”

Building is anticipated to start early next year as well as the development is anticipated to be finished in 2020.

Another Exciting project by Tiong Aik, The Gateway

Investing Is More Intelligent Than Saving

In a nutshell, saving cash is basically hoarding.

Investing on the other hand is around growing your cash though the purchase of assets that produce income or appreciate in value. These assets may include bonds, stocks, artwork, and property, Vista Verde


You will have to save and invest to achieve your financial targets.

A Savings Just Approach does not Work

Regular items’ cost climbs over time because of inflation.

Meanwhile, the cash you have left under your bed hasn’t increased with inflation. It’s really decreased in value. So assuming the CPI stays at 4% over the next ten years, your cash will really be worth about at the ending of that interval.

The quantity of interest you will earn will not even come close to the 4% CPI even in the event you place your savings into a savings account.

Investing In Equities Is an excellent Hedge Against Inflation

You do not want a tremendous sum of capital. Happily, there are many investment goods available on the marketplace that could overcome inflation, for example Singapore REITS.

You can also put money into continuous income bonds for those who possess the capital.

Another great thing about equities is the fact that they are exceptionally fluid. You can purchase and offer them in an issue of minutes.

In the event you have over $40,000 in your SA and more than $20,000 in your OA, you can invest a part of it in stocks.

  • The Stock exchange is not As Scary As You Believe
  • The stock exchange could not be safe should you play with the trading game like you are in a Hollywood film. Fully being a passive investor is a rewarding and safe method to make use of the stock exchange to enhance your savings.
  • Products like bonds, ETFs, and REITs do not need you to purchase and sell. You may decide to purchase only in the event you comprehend the dangers and benefits involved. Everything you must do is settle back and allow the dividends come in when you select the best ones.

Not Yet – Cooling Measures

Analyzers consider the property cooling measures are unlikely to be facilitated this year even following the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) romped to a solid election victory, reported Singapore Business Review mentioning RHB Research.

While the strong mandate received by the PAP supplies it with more room to ease the measures, the consultancy does not expect policymakers to slack any curbs this year as property prices remain comparatively high.

There may also be pushback from the public if asset prices spike right after elections,” it said in a report.

RHB Research expects the new cabinet to take a measured, data-dependent and slow approach in loosening the measures.

“We presume the probability of revoking some of the ABSD cooling measures next year when islandwide property costs have dropped 12-15 percent certainly seems more palatable at this phase,” the report included.

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Is Ec A Good Buy?

Buying almost any residential property has become the most expensive item in our lifetime. Besides the primary needs of ‘Owning a place called home’ , both principal questions that probably in the trunk of one’s head are:
1. Should I buy a BTO, EC or private condomimum unit?
2. Can I Buy an EC Now?
Read on and decide for yourself in case you share my thoughts and can it be the right time to consider buying one now.
First thing first, we must take a look at the variables that may limit or determine your option.
Qualification. The eligibility conditions for BTO and EC are very similar except for the income level qualification and family scheme. Joint SC singles above 35 years can go for an EC unit, while single SC above 35 years making up to $5,000 per month can choose for a 2 room BTO unit in non-mature estate. When you are a single below 35 years old, your option is limited to the private condominium or the resale marketplace. For private condominum, there is no eligibility condition, it is open to anyone who has got the resources to buy.
Income Amount. Next, your house choices may be limited by the total gross income.
* below $10,000, all 3 options (BTO, EC, private condominium) are open
* $10,000 – $12,000, you can simply buy an EC or private condo
* above $12,000, your only choice is private condo.
Place. Purchasing property is mainly about place and it still holds true as the most important concern. What is essential to folks with regard to place varies from buyer to buyer. Some may examine surrounding comforts for transport and benefit, while for others being near to a table-topping school is very important. So if you enjoy a particular place very much, whether it is a BTO or The Criterion EC or private condominium project, you are prone to go for it (subject to your own above eligibilty and income level qualification).
I’ve collated the amenities in several of the areas (Sengkang, Woodlands) where ECs in Singapore are found. Expect to cover all the places in the forseeable future.
Budget. Another determining factor would be your budget. You must not overstretch yourself in purchasing a property. Your budget may also restrict your options (BTO, EC or Condominium) and also the type of unit choices (1, 2, 3, four to five rooms). By way of example, in today marketplace, while a $700,000 budget will empower you to get a great 5 Room BTO unit, you will be stretched to locate a good 3 Bedroom EC unit to your liking and be restricted to a 1 Bedroom shoebox unit for private condo.

GSH Plaza – Brand New Commercial Properties

GSH Plaza is a brand new mixed commercial development with retail stores and offices, strategically placed right in Singapore District 1, in the center of Central Business District. GSH plaza join the foundation to form the CBD skyline. TOP anticipated to be ending 2016.

Having a contemporary and stunning facade, with total glass structure and fine line, its place to be a jewel in the CBD.

Equipped with elevator and magnificient foyer, your customers are WOWed the minute they steped to the development. Soar your organization to another level with GSH Plaza.

The quiet sophistication of the layout that is trendy finish the company set up. The development night light set it when nighttime place. Inspire your organization to new heights. Contributory and open office space enables your company soar and to grow to complete potential and beyond.

GSH Plaza Grand Foyer

With retail stores under one roof, it includes shop front owners to get in touch with customers using the building as well as from surrouding offices that set it. Totally sheltered use of Raffles Place MRT supply benefit to your worker. Modern design features improve the possibility for this development facade.

Shop and link with GSH Plaza to your own joy.

Found at 20 cecil suites, GSH plaza is near to innumerable of office buildings and Raffles MRT Station and prospective customers in close proximity.

There’s not scarce of chance and traffic for the company to prosper at GSH Plaza beyond imagination.

With 259 components at GSH Plaza and 21 retail stores, there is constantly a component here for you irregardless of size and shape for the company operation. Effectual layout and open give your organization room to develop to height that is new.

Developer that is reputable
Uncommon miscellaneous commercial development in the area
A desirable address for companies
Development facade that is iconic
Open and layout that is powerful
Form section of CBD Skyline
Great possibility of capital appreciation and rental return
Great Person traffic
Link with ease to companies that are possible customers and associates

Sim Urban Oasis @ Sims Drive

It’s the dream of every family or everyone to own a home that is in a safe neighbourhood free from insecurities, which has a convenient access to shops, public transits and freeway, water, views among others. Therefore a home is a long-term solid asset especially when it’s located in a good location.

Sims Urban Oasis is a new Singaporean residential real estate development under the excellent and high reputation Guocoland developers, it has been built in the best location of the Sims Drive in District 14.the Sim urban oasis houses are made of modern and beautiful eye-catching architecture with its spacious interior units being very accommodating and spacious not forgetting the finishing which is of high quality and very comfortable therefore, perfectly suiting your lifestyle.

Urban Oasis has exceptional and satisfying features like the guardhouse ensuring maximum security for all residents also included an extensive range of facilities such as grocery stores, eateries ,retail shops and the real estate is in close proximity with a shopping mall and centers such as the Orchard Shopping District located nearby.

It’s close to social amenities like well recognized schools and with good reputation for best performances in the region including Cedar Girls Secondary School, Macpherson Primary School ,St Andrews Secondary,Northlight School ,First Toa Payoh Secondary,Kong Hwa School, Canossa school among others.

For entertainment lovers ,Urban Oasis is located closely to entertainment premises such as the Bizlink Centre, Tanjong Katong Complex and the Eminent Plaza.exciting dining experiences at Sin Huatfood,Geylang Claypot Rice, Arnold’s Fried Chicken , Fast-food chains such as McDonald’s among others

Sporting experiences are not left out hence the real estate is just near Singapore Sports Hub, Kallang Tennis Centre, Kallang Netball Centre and Katong Complex. While those who would love to get in touch with nature and its wonders are not excluded for a number of nature parks are near the Sims Urban Oasis ,the Riverside Park and Aljunied Park.

Those people who commute to and fro for different works ,there are many MRT stations with buses which are very convenient enabling you or your loved once to get safely to your destination, stations like the Patong Pasir MTR,Aliunied MTR, Mountbatten MRT, Boon Keng MTR and Paya Lebar MTR AMONG MANY OTHERS are readily available. For those people who prefer to drive themselves or own vehicles it will take them just less than 10 minutes to drive from Geyland to the Central Business District and the flowing Orchard shopping district through the Kallang Road.

Fancy North Park Residences?

If you are looking for an ideal location in Singapore to invest your money, north park residences is the right place for you. It is situated in Yishun central in Singapore and provides investors with every reason to invest their cash. It comprises of around 900 commercial and residential units thoughtfully developed by the Fraser central point homes. The unique kind of mixed development bursts the interest of every consumer and developer because of its stunning features and ease of accessibility to the numerous types of amenities.

The best thing about north park residences that makes it perfect for investment to the investors is that they live right there and never have to walk in order to approach all its facilities. Other unique facilities include swimming pool, clubhouse, indoor Gym, BBQ area as well as children playing ground. It is advantageously situated at the middle of endless option of dining, shopping and entertainment. The alluring mixed development is similar to the leading shopping malls such as North point mall and Yishun 10 in terms of accessibility.

North park residences have plenty of educational centers that impart high standards of learning and knowledge in the area. The educational institutes make t favorable for investment of any kind. Among the schools located there include Jiemin primary school, Yishun Junior College, Peixin primary school, Yishun secondary school, North view secondary school among others. Accessibility to north park residences is enhanced through Yishun MRT station and Yishun bus interchange. It is well connected through central expressway (CTE) and selector expressway (CTE). The surrounding commercial and residential establishments with outstanding amenities make north park residences ideal location for investment. Investing here is worth every coin because you are guaranteed of higher returns from your investment. You are sure of a constant stream of income that every prudent investor is looking for!